Migrant Support Centre Worcester

In 2021, the UK Office for National Statistics published some disturbing information – nearly 60% of migrants, previously living happily and working in Worcestershire, have left the country. We have worked hard to analyse the problem, and have come to the conclusion that this situation has a number of underlying causes – social, economic, political, cultural – to name just a few.
Thanks to the support of many brilliant Charities and Trusts (You can find them all in our “Partners” section) we were able to establish a Migrant Support Centre – a place where everyone can find help, no matter what their struggle is. We strongly believe that Great Britain is a fantastic place, full of kind-hearted people that will gladly help you – but first, they need to know of your struggle. Our MSC is the very place that will help you, either directly or by reaching out to friends – you only need to take the first step and connect with us.

About us

Our Centre is run and managed by Worcester Charity, Like U CIO (Reg. No. 1187973). Our first priority is to make sure our volunteers are fully prepared to help you with your case. 

Before helping with active cases, each one of us must undergo a series of rigorous training for at least a month. Only after that are we able to assist our more experienced colleagues with live cases. It is through that process that we make sure no harm will be done to any of our beneficiaries while providing help, and the highest possible standard is always upheld when supporting someone.

It is the combination of passionate, empathetic volunteers and professionals with our Charity supporting them in the background that allows us to help dozens of people each month.

What can we help with ?

Anything and everything. We do experience a common range of problems that we can help solve, such as:

  • Utilities Advice (Gas, electric, water, other bills) disputes
  • Financial Advice & Aid (Insurance support, bank disputes, debt advice)
  • Housing Support, Social housing applications, landlord disputes, affordable housing schemes)
  • Employment Support (Job agencies referrals and disputes, employment regulations advice)
  • Benefits Support
  • Translation and Interpretation services (Official letters, phone calls, inquiries, contacting authorities)
  • EU SS support (First application, children applications, family members, non-EEA nationals applying for EUSS)
  • Hardship Support (Food packages and free meals, Foodbank Vouchers)
  • And many other problems our community faces not listed above

Even if your problem is not listed here, please do not hesitate to book an appointment – if we are unable to help directly we will refer you to a trusted partner that will most definitely help, and will support and translate for you as you’re receiving their support.

The difference we make

The vast majority of our cases are solved through common courtesy and a co-operative basis, proving that although people want to do what is good and right, mistakes and discrepancies can happen. It’s a great process to watch – how working with someone who needs help, initially referring their case to the other side, patiently and respectfully, just to see in the end misunderstandings being cleared and friendships made. Almost 90% of our cases are resolved in that manner.

Book an anonymous appointment

Unfortunately, every now and then we do run into more serious matters – Racism, Exploitation, Crime, and Fraud. We are aware that these things are part of our reality, but we are as determined to tackle them so that our children will have less of that to deal with. Rogue landlords, exploiting employers, loan sharks and any other wrongdoers – if you are a victim, and you are afraid to ask for help, we can help you. Book an appointment, fully anonymously, putting your details in as “Mr/Ms Better Tomorrow”. We will launch our full anonymity policy, where your details will be passed to the caseworker only, who will not share them even internally with other members of the Charity. We understand that safety is a fragile thing, and we will do our best to keep you safe.

Where are we?

Our Centre is located on 2 Westbury Street, Worcester in a building known to everyone as old Royal Mail Sorting Office / City Gym. The closest landmark is the brick railway bridge over Worcester Canal, known to everyone as “The Aqueduct” – it has Arboretum Garden on one side, and our centre on the other.

How to book an appointment?

Its super easy – choose a subject you need help with (if its more than one, just select the most important one – we will help with everything anyway), then pick the volunteer that speaks the language you speak as well, choose from their timetable – and you’re booked!

What we would kindly ask of you, is to respect the effort made by our volunteers – they will always be there for you, so please, show up for your appointment as well.