Meet our team

Our Migrant Support Centre’s greatest assets are our volunteers. They are strong, passionate
people, coming from all different areas and cultures – it is through their diversity that we’re building
a stronger, more supportive community. To support you in the most efficient way, we are trying to
have the widest range of languages in the MSC – so that you can feel safe, welcomed and

Please meet our team:

Mariia Lata

Hi, I’m Mariia, the Project Manager for our Migrant Support Centre. My journey with Like U started during the pandemic in February 2020. Seeing people helping each other in the times of need inspired me to join the charity. While providing support via Help Your Neighbour initiative, together with the team we realised that there is a need to find new ways to help people. Over time, hard work and team effort has led to the creation of the Migrant Support Centre.  My focus here is to make sure that migrants are aware of their rights and support available. I want them to have a safe place to come to and access support regardless of whether they are in trouble or simply need some advice. I have a diploma in Law and speak English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. If any of these languages are comfortable for you, please let me know – I will always find time to listen and will try my best to help you out. I have a diploma in Law and I speak English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian, so if any of these languages are comfortable for you, please let me know – I will always find time to listen and to help you.

Basia Ligas

Hello, My name is Basia Ligas, and I’m a Community Engagement Officer working with Worcester City Council. I’ve been involved in migrant support since 2018, and I am currently working with the amazing Volunteers at the Migrant Support Centre, trying to make sure that we serve our migrant communities as best as we can. The work I do is more than just a job for me. It’s a passion that I’ve had for many years now. Hence, my name is linked to a number of other organisations e.g. European Connections Forum (Community Engagement Officer working with migrant across the other districts in Worcestershire), Yellow Scarf (Trustee) and Caring for Communities and People (Sessional worker involved in SWEP (night shelter during severe weather conditions) and supporting homeless staying at the temporary accommodation in Worcester). As a freelancer, I’m also a trainer for international volunteers coming to the UK for their European Solidarity Corps projects. In my free time (believe me – I still have some time for myself!), I love hiking, cycling and exploring the UK.

Sebastian Kulik

My name is Sebatian and I live in the UK for 5 years now. I started to volunteer for LikeU around 8 months ago. I’ve decided to join LikeU because I want to help others who might be less fortunate than I am. List of my hobbies and passions is long but I love anything tech related. I am also a Project Manager in our amazing Good Solution workshop where we design, build and repair household items. If you want to know more about me and learn more about things I do you can always pay me a visit in LikeU Worcester Migrant Community Centre.

Leszek Chylarecki

Hello 😀 I’m Leszek and I am a Chairman of the Board here at LikeU. My responsibilities include making sure that everything runs smoothly here in our Migrant Community Centre. In my professional life I work as an UI / UX Designer and a Web Developer. When I’m not sitting in front of my screens I often put my leather jacket on and visit interesting places on my motorbike. If you ever visit our Support Hub looking for help and there will be a need for an IT person you’ll most probably be dealing with me or our great volunteer Sebastian 😀

Malgorzata Ligas

Hi, my name is Gosia. I am a life coach, mentor, entrepreneur, and volunteer. Over the last 10 years, I have participated in and organized various educational projects and events throughout Europe. Today, my greatest time I put to the world, is aimed at creating a safe space for others to develop skills and build strong mental health. I love helping others in any way I can, because my biggest passion is people. Lets together solve the problem you have or talk about the next steps in life.

Anna Brogowska

Hi. My name is Anna and I’m originally from Poland. I moved to the United Kingdom 13 years ago. I’ve been helping in LikeU charity since January 2021. I’ve decided to join this honourable cause because in the past I’ve also experienced hard times and I’ve never had anyone who was willing to help me. I know what it means to struggle and I would like to be there for people in need. I’m currently working as a catering shift leader on one of the motorway service stations here in Worcestershire. I am a mum and love to spend my free time with my son working on our DIY projects at home.

Anamaria Lefter

Hi 🙂 My name is Anamaria and at the moment I am working as a Quality Controller in a factory. I started to volunteer for LikeU around 2 months ago and I am willing to help as many people as I can so don’t hesitate to contact me or pay us a visit in LikeU Worcester Migrant Community Centre.

Edyta Podlesna

Hi, my name is Edyta. I’m a mother of two beautiful girls. I love traveling, especially when I can get to know new cultures in visiting places. I am friendly, positive-minded and always smiling person who believe that there are no problems that we can’t solve. Always ready to help and happy to find solution to any problems. You can find me working with our great team in Worcester Migrant Support Center.

Silviu Diaconu

I am Silviu and I moved to the UK with my family 6 years ago. We struggled along the way and made a lot of mistakes, especially at the very beginning. It was hard because we had nowhere to go to ask for support. This is the reason why I have decided to become a volunteer at Like U. I can now help fellow migrants in the UK avoid making the same mistakes and experiencing hardship that my family had to go through.

Tomasz Cendrowski

Hi, my name is Tomek. I am a very open and adventures person, so my life is full of great stories and unforgettable moments. I am here to share my experience with those who might find it useful. What is interesting about me is that, unlike my colleagues, I enjoy living in the rural area, so all of the little things regarding living in a smaller community are my specialty. In my free time, I take great pleasure in driving around the UK on my motorcycle, so if youre looking for a great driving routes – happy to share!

Tihomir Enev

My name is Tihomir. I am an owner of a small cafe and bakery. I’ve lived in the UK for 5 years now. I have started to volunteer with Like U for a few months now. I have joined this project because I want to help others who might be less fortunate than I am. My doors and heart are always open. If there is anything that me and my colleagues can help you with, you can always pay us a visit at the Migrant Support Centre.

Sofia Santos

Hi my name is Sofia Santos and I am a Portuguese interpreter. I have joined Like U because I enjoy helping others and I believe in the work that this organisation does. I have been a part of this charity since March 2021. I am currently working on improving my skills, as I am planning on getting my masters in psychology. On my free time, I enjoy baking and travelling.